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Finding Content

The site is laid out so that content is hopefully easy to find

If you're unsure how to look for something then please read THIS guide for information

Adding Content

There is some learning involved to correctly use any Wiki

It is recommended that you keep this page open in another window, print it out, take a photo or whatever else you prefer so that you can refer back to it when editing an article

Using the Wiki editor

The wiki software provides a very simple editor which will be enough to get basic articles written. Concentrate on getting familiar with this before progressing any further

The basics are simple:-

You get an edit or window where you can type text (NB this is not a WYSIWYG editor)
Above this window is a row of little buttons that cover most basic format or content options
Hovering the mouse pointer over a button will pop up a message telling you what the button does
To use a button highlight text as you would in any editor then hit the button to apply it's function

Their is, of course, far more to it if you want to get all net ninja. For more advanged usage the Mediawiki Editing Pages Guide is a good start although please please don't follow their "be bold" mantra too much!

The creators of this software also provide a handy "sandbox" page where you can try out your editing skills

How To Edit Existing Pages

It's very simple

Creating New Pages

There is a guide to the various ways of creating a new page HERE

To prevent your content disappearing only the following method is recommended

Navigate to the category where you want your new page to appear. Please stick with the existing categories!

For example
If you want to add a guide on fitting a performance modification navigate from the main site page into modifications then into Performance Modifications

Edit that page, add a link to your new page, check it with preview then hit save

To add a link:
type the title of your article. Select this text with the mouse and click the "Internal link" button
You'll see [[[ and ]]] pop up rount your text

Click on the new link (it will show up in RED) and you will be taken to a brand new empty page editor

Add your article, and when you're happy with the preview hit save

Site Organisation

All the material on this wiki should be "filed" into an appropriate location. While following the above guide will mean your information is accessible it does not correctly file it.

Although the staff will occasionally tidy up unfiled articles it would be appreciated if users take the time to read This Article and try to do it themselves

--Two OH five 16:48, 5 September 2011 (CEST)

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