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How do I find content?

You have two choices. Which method you choose is up to you.

A sensible choice is to run through the category browsing described below. If that fails then fall back to the searching method. If both fail then it's time to break out the digicam and notepad............

Use the Categories (Luke)

Check the Site Organisation info above. All the content is organised in (hopefully) intuitive sections. Browsing down through the appropriate category from the main page (maintenance, modification etc) should eventually bring you to the right place. If it doesn't the information may not be there and it might be your turn to contribute!

Category Example

For example lets say you have an issue with the ABS on your car. It needs maintenance. So from the main page head into the maintenance category. You'll find the main page for the maintenance category. At the top of this page is a table of contents and magically under here there's a link for braking system (or just scroll down the page to the braking system section!). Each of these sections is known as a subcategory of the maintenance category

In the braking section you will find a list of all articles related to maintaining the braking system. Hey presto, under this heading is the check ABS error codes article. Happy days......

Category Tips

If what you need isn't there on the category page don't despair just yet. This page is maintained by hand and it's possible that people who haven't been following the content posting guidelines have posted the article but not linked it from this page.

Click on the section heading and it will take you to an automagically generated list of all articles in that sub category

Searching the content

In the top right of every wiki page is a search box. You can type keywords in here and hit the search button next to it. You will then be taken to a results page listing title and content matches to your keywords

Search Tips

Start off with as broad a search as possible and see how many results come up with for example one term. If there are millions of results try to narrow it down with an additional search term. Pretty much the same as any search engine really!

Searching will pull up pages that have not been correctly entered into the system so it's always worth a search before abandoning hope of finding an article!

Search Example

For example, let's say you have an issue with the ABS on your car. Type ABS into the box and hit enter. Currently the first title match is how to check ABS error codes, a pretty handy starting point!

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