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A Resource for all Owners and Enthusiasts for Toyota's World Championship winning rally car

Owned and edited by members of the GT4 Drivers Club

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines before getting started

Background Information

The GT-Four is a high performance derivative of the popular Toyota Celica and Caldina models It is a 2L turbo charged 4WD car with well proven provenance on the world rally stages

Read more information on the GT-Four

Maintaining the GT-Four

As you'd expect a 4wd turbo rally bred car requires plenty of attention to keep it in tip top condition

Find out how to look after your car or fix a problem with it by reading our information on maintaining your GT-Four

Can't find the information you need?

Please consider helping out others in your position by taking the time to document your work and submitting it for the benefit of the community

Modifying the GT-Four

There are a million ways of whiling away a Sunday afternoon (and often the next 364 days) improving your car.

See a list of all guides related to modifying the GT-Four here

Made a cool modification to your car that nobody else has covered? Why not document your work and submit it for the benefit of the community

Buying A GT-Four

With car prices at an all time low the GT-Four is now a cheap proposition to buy. However, buy a bad example and you could be spending a lot of money on it before you know what has happened (believe us, we know what money pits they can be!)

Check out our Buyers Guide before dusting off your wallet or purse


A selection of media relating to the GT4 Here

Member Profiles

Registered users are given access to a profile page where they can show off their cars

See our active Users

Member Projects

As well as a user profile registered users have a page where they can list ongoing project work on their cars

Check out who's doing what HERE

Club Information

Information on the GT-Four drivers club

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