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The Mission

This Wiki is run by staff and members of the GT4 Drivers Club

The purpose of this venture is to further the knowledge and enjoyment of the GT-Four

Some General guidlines

How do I create or edit content

Content is the be all and end all of this project

We welcome content from out members so please feel free to join in!

Information on adding your own content or editing others work can be found in the main Help area

A small word of caution

If an article is plain wrong then please feel free to correct it
However, if something is not "the way I would have done it" then please do not edit the article to your method. This kind of editing could go on ad-infinitum and is not productive.
Feel free to add "Another Method" content to the bottom of the article or you can use the Discussion tab to voice your views!

Administrative Information

Users must request a login via the forum

Only staff have the rights to create a new account

All registered users may edit pages :- guidelines are on the community page

At this time photo uploading is enabled for Admin only NOT users - Create articles using hyperlinks. The admins will upload pictures for you if the content is deemed suitable and we have not run out of website space

Member Pages

One of the "perks" of contributing material to this venture is some space dedicated just to you.

Each registered user is given two pages, a user profile (to tell us about you and/or your cars) and a user talk page (to tell us what's going on with your cars)

Feel free to add links to your profile page and your "project" page to your forum signature. This will give other users an easy way to see who you are and what you're doing.

Member Profiles

At the top of every page registered users will see their username. Clicking on this will bring you to a public profile page. Here you can fill in any personal information, car information or anything else you want to publish. As with everything on the wiki this is publicly available to everyone so take extreme care if you think about posting sensitive or personal information

If you want your profile listed in the "Member Profiles" section from the main page add the following tag to the bottom of your page

[[Category:User profiles]]

Member projects

Next to your username there is a second link, "My Talk". In the real world this is intended to be a place where people can have conversations with you. In our smaller world we have a forum for this (remember you must be a registered forum user to access the wiki editorial features!) This leaves a blank space which you have access to that serves no purpose. This is a suitable place to create a blogesque "Project" section for things you are doing with the car.

If you want you project listed in the "Member Projects" section from the main page add the following tag to the bottom of your page

[[Category:User projects]]

One point of note. If you are doing a project that hasn't already been covered please consider a whole new page for this with a link to it from your "project" page. A personal note from myself, two_OH_five. As the instigator of this wiki I have created pages for all of the major activities I've carried out on the car recently in the hope that the information is of use to others. This is all linked together off of my talk page Two_OH_five

Finally note that although you may edit other users talk and profile pages we will take a dim view on users who do this!


Learning how to use the Wiki editing software is not too tough.

Generally speaking the little buttons at the top of the edit window are sufficient to get you through most editing requirements. Make sure you use the preview button plenty before submitting content and you should be OK. Feel free to look at the source for existing pages before adding your own

For general information on usage of the wiki editor or more advanced topics consult the User's Guide for information.

For help specific to this site please consult our local help system Help:Contents

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