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Welcome to the GT4DC, a club which focuses on track days, technical information, maintenance and modifications centred around the Toyota Celica GT4.

If you're not familiar with the club then please feel free to pop over to the club forum to say hello in the introductions section.

We are by and large a friendly bunch of people who are passionate about our cars....except when they're boroken when we mostly hate them

Posting on our discussion Forum is restricted to registered users, however, all car related information can be read free of charge without becoming a Member - after all the internet is all about the sharing of knowledge!.

Forum registration is available online. Every application is hand vetted to try and weed out the hoards of spambots that attack every day so do try to make your application look as human as you can! There will also be a short delay from registering to your account being activated while one of our staff is sobered up enough to perform this task :o)

We do also have another level of membership, Full Membership, that entitles you to partake of club stands at various events.

Full club membership of this club is currently free gratis (donations always welcome but not required).

We do request that you take the time to fill in the membership form found here so that we can keep track of how the club is doing Once you've completed this we'll enable full access to all areas of the club forum

Feel free to sign up and post, however please read our "10 Tips for Posting" guide as it contains useful information on how to post and how you can add to the no-nonsense friendly atmosphere we are trying to create.

Hopefully you'll find the Club useful and we look forward to chatting to you all soon.

The GT4DC Staff

GT4DC Merchandise

Like most clubs these days we do have a few items for sale for those who are after something to show their support for the GT4 cause

Check out our range of goodies here

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