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First of all please take the time to read and understand this guide thoroughly before starting. It will provide lots of information on how to create your content and how to fit it into the site to avoid it disappearing into obscurity. Before you go about editing your first page can we recommend that you either open this page in another window/tab print it out etc. etc. so that you have a reference when editing!


Site Organisation

First off a brief note on how content is orgainised so you are familiar with the concept

Everything that's user added is placed into a specific category based on it's content. From each category there are a number of related sub categories.

As a example Maintenance is a category. Under this are sub categories for engine maintenance, brake system maintenance, etc. etc

The top level categories are all listed out on the main site entry page

Car Related content

Nearly all of the vehicle related content on this site is fitted into categories

A Category is a notional grouping of material which covers a particular type of subject

There are currently 4 categories for articles :-

User Related Content

There are two categories for user information

How to add technical content

Technical content is content that explains how to do a particular job on the car.

This guide is the only way that is recommended for adding content. Following this guide will add your content to the correct place and ensure that it is visible to others even if you miss some steps

== [[:Category:Engine_maintenance|Engine Maintenance]] ==

[[ST215 engine rebuild|Rebuilding a ST215 3S-GTE engine]]

[[ST205 engine swap|ST205 Engine removal guide]]

[[:Category:error_codes|Check for error codes]]

[[Change cambelt|Change The Cambelt]]

That's it. It sounds complicated but when you try it it's not difficult. You're welcome to view the source code for existing pages (click the edit button at the top of the page) but please don't accidentally save them!

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