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We have a number of documents that form the core operation of the club.


How the club operates

Committee Roles and who's responsible for them

The GT4DC Constitution

Terms And Conditions

Club Financials

Since moving over to a subscription free model we are no longer maintaining up to date accounts

We will continue to live off what remains from the last bank balance until the funds run out.

At that time we will deal with whatever happens next

2005 (EXCEL)

2006 Accounts (PDF)

2007 Accounts (PDF)

Refund Policy

No fees = No refund. Simple as that!

Advertising policy

We do have a defined policy for any company that wishes to advertise on the site

However, the club does reserve the right to conduct negotiations on a per vendor basis

Advertising Policy

Privacy Policy

Despite being a no fee membership we still have a requirement to look after your personal data

We have a policy to cover this


Meeting Minutes

We try to keep our club operation transparent. Part of this process is keeping minutes of meetings available

2010 Club AGM Minutes

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Club Documents