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Here is our list of guides on looking after your engine

These guides likely won't cover every single thing, especially on large jobs, but hopefully they'll give a good insight into the scale of a fix.

As with all out articles if you find a major omission or error feel free to edit the article accordingly

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Articles in this section

Rebuilding a ST215 3S-GTE engine

The GT-Four is blessed with great reliability when stock considering it's potential.

However, time and abuse can always take their toll. If your car has suffered an engine failure here's how to strip and repair it

ST205 Engine removal guide

The Japanese employed gnomes to build these cars which means that access is always difficult and occasionally painful.

If you ever want to swap an engine this guide will at least get you going in the right direction

Change The Cambelt

An essential bit of maintenance work

Many portray the cambelt swap as a horrific job. It's not easy but it's within the grasp of the keen home mechanic.

Take a look at this article to get an idea of the work involved

Engine Technical Specifications from the RM manuals

A selection of informative excerpts from the official Toyota Big Green Book series

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