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Articles continaing information on the braking system

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List of Articles

Rebuilding ST205 Brake Calipers

The brake calipers suffer a horrible existance down in all the road spray Eventually the seals fail the calipers fill with water and the calipers start sticking. Here's how to fix them up again

Adjusting the handbrake

If you need to get in the back seat so you can pull the handbrake far enough to hold the car then you need to read this article!

Checking ABS error codes

The ABS system rarely gives trouble But if your does here's how to start finding out what's up

Changing the rear brake disks

Brake disks are a consumable item on every car so if you keep it for a while you're likely to end up replacing a set While this guide is rear wheel specific the principle is the same at the front too!

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