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Check that pedal height is correct

  • LHD 144.9-154.9mm
  • RHD 141.0-151.0mm

If required adjust pedal height. Loosen the locking nut and adjust the stopper bolt until the height is correct. Re-tighten locknut Check that pedal play and push rod play are correct Push the pedal until resistance is felt

  • Pedal Freeplay:- 5.0-15.0mm
  • Slowly push pedal until further resistance is felt
  • Push Rod Freeplay 1.0-5.omm

If necessary adjust pedal and push rod freeplay

  • Loosen the locknut until the play is correct
  • Re-tighten locknut and re-check play

Check clutch release point
This is easiest done with two people - one clutching and one measuring!

  • Apply the handbrake and start the engine
  • Without using the clutch, SLOWLY AND GENTLY shift into reverse until you hear the gears contact
  • Slowly press the clutch until the gears stop making a noise
  • Measure the distance from this point to the full stroke end position - 25mm or more

If not:-

  • Check pedal height, push rod and pedal freeplay
  • Bleed the clutch

If niether of these works then the clutch needs looking at

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